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IT-studio SoftTime is:
  • A leader in development of exclusive software solutions for Web
  • IT-studio organized by professionals, authors of many books on Web-programming, database management system, information security, whose experience is recognized in Russia as well as abroad.
  • Well-run scheme of various distant orders performance. Our clients' geography is rather extensive: Moscow and Moscow region, Saint Petersburg, Republic of Udmurtia, Nizhegorodskiy and Vladimirskiy regions, North Caucasian district, Kirovskiy and Yaroslavskiy regions... Belorussia and the Ukraine... The USA, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Paraguay...
  • All kinds of services for Web: creating Internet sites, Web-hosting, development of exclusive Web-applications
  • Development of software for operating systems Windows and Linux
  • Legal consultations in the sphere of the Internet and intellectual property
  • Consulting in the sphere of development of (architectural solutions) important Internet and Ethernet projects, Internet-marketing, information security
  • Services in the sphere of presentation solutions: making presentations, advertising video clips, including photography and video shooting, sound recording and sound control
  • Flexible price policy

Portal SoftTime.Ru is:
  • One of the most recognized Russian portals in Web-programming
  • A large collection of scripts on different topics: forums, guest books, chats, SMS, voting systems, etc.
  • A forum supported by the books authors
  • Thousands of intellectual people from various parts of our country and the world
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Mobile phone +7 905 6670506
e-mail: kuznetsov@softtime.ru


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